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Lock picking as a hobby is enjoyed by people around the world who enjoy the physical and mental challenge of defeating mechanical and electronic locking devices. There are many skills lock picking hobbyists must learn, including lock bumping and picking. Get the right tools. To get the most out of lock picking, you'll need a few basic items such as feeler picks, rakes, ball picks and a half diamond. Feeler picks are used to feel each pin of a locking mechanism and press components of a lock individually. Rakes are used to bounce pins.


To learn more about locksmithing and lock picking, you may want to visit your local Professional Locksmith in Virginia Beach. Some locksmiths are critical of locksport and lock picking as a hobby. They say it divulges too many weaknesses of locks to potential thieves. Others are supportive of the hobby, making the argument that it informs security companies about vulnerabilities in their locks, thereby improving their products. Be polite and diplomatic, however, and your local locksmith will likely show you a few tricks of the trade.


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