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Every year in Roanoke VA – Salem ad Vinton VA, untold numbers of drivers either lose their car keys or lock them inside their cars. Fortunately, it is possible to get a car door unlocked by a locksmith pretty easily without a key. When faced with this frustrating situation, many people try to unlock their cars using coat hangers or magnets, but these may not work on modern cars, and they might damage car windows, doors, locking mechanisms or paint jobs. A car is a major investment, and calling a local licensed locksmith is the safest and most reliable way to unlock it in an emergency.
Professional locksmiths can use several methods to open locked cars when you are in a bind. The choice of tools and actions depends on the kind of car and its locking structure. Here are a few of the most frequent tools a locksmith uses to unlock a car safely.

Locksmith Wedges

To unlock a car, the locksmith has to contact its locking mechanism from outside. This requires creating a breach between the door or window and the car’s interior so that another instrument can be inserted to release the lock. Several types of simple wedges can accomplish this. The typical locksmith’s tool kit includes various plastic, vinyl or metal wedges. If necessary, a small, thin wedge can create enough space to insert a larger one. Metal wedges are the strongest, but they can damage a car’s exterior or window glass if not used cautiously. An inflatable air wedge is inserted in a flat state and then pumped up to gently widen the gap between the window and the weather-stripping.


After gaining access to the car’s interior, the locksmith inserts a long tool to manually pull open lock tabs or press buttons to unlock the door. For older cars, a tool called a Slim Jim may work. This is a long, thin metal strip that the locksmith can insert between the window and the weather-stripping to grab the lock rod. Slim Jims designed for various makes and models of cars are available. Many newer cars have built-in defenses against Slim Jims, and they are not always safe to use on delicate lock systems. Other reach tools consist of long, slender steel rods. Some are solid, and others are bendable. The ends of some reach tools form an angle to assist the locksmith in maneuvering corners and awkward spaces. Other tools have a lasso or loop pull at the end to grab handles or lock rods. A thin sleeve placed between the reach tool and the car’s body protects against damage to the glass or paint.

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